Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Planet One Cafe


Planet One Cafe is gone. On 7th Street for decades, the little vegetarian restaurant has been shuttered. Inside, the window is stacked with cardboard boxes marked FRAMUS--inventory from the new guitar shop next door.

I guess custom-made guitars are expanding and vegetarian food is not.

I don't know much about Planet One, except that it seems to have been there forever and have a very neighborly vibe. And now, without a goodbye sign, they are just gone. Does anyone know what happened here?

Here's what Vegetarian New York City had to say about Planet One:


Anonymous said...

Oh. I never knew of this vegetarian place. That's too bad...I missed these small mom&pop stores...

Anonymous said...

I ate at Planet One a few times thanks to a neighborhood friend who prearranged to have the woman (her friend) who ran it cook for us--I think it may have operated like that--a sort of living-room operation. Actually, I'm wondering now if it's really "closed," or if you can still eat there if you ask nicely in advance.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i'm pretty sure it's shuttered for real. it really looks like a storeroom filled with cardboard boxes. i wonder if it's temporary, though, like if the owner rented it out to the guitar people for the summer, just to save some money. that would be nice.