Thursday, June 24, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

After the departure of Treasures & Trifles, western Bleecker loses another antiques shop. Leo Design's sign--printed in the same font, on the same paper, as T&T's--says goodbye and "We're being turned out." They will, however, be relocating:

Levinstein photos at the Met: "Though it’s hard to imagine now, there was a point when New York was truly the creative engine of the international art scene... That all began to change about a generation ago, as gentrification smothered the city in upscale conformity." [TONY]

The Tenement Museum puts its photo archives online. [TM]

Manhattanville set to be bulldozed by Columbia. Take a look back in photos. [Curbed]

All over Manhattan, junkies are lining up for their drug of choice. [Gothamist]

The art of heroin, the "ultimate ephemera." [Stupefaction]

Farewell to a tugboat bard. [CR]

There are lots and lots of bars on Ave. A. [EVG]

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Anonymous said...

Who ever would have thought that two institutions of higher learning - NYU and Columbia- would end up to be two of the most hard-hearted tyrants in NYC?