Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Urban Outfitters is creating a fake, "old New York" Upper West Side. Writes one blogger, "Coming next--a theme park where you can meet actual 'mom and pop' actors portraying independent store owners. Bring your kids! Watch actual small business owners cry as their dreams are dashed by sky-high rents!" [WSI]

Raised on the Upper West Side in the 70s, a blogger defends her childhood home from "bad old days" attacks from Commentary and City Journal. [CGW]

A letter of opposition to crowded outdoor cafe on Ave A. [EVG]

"Forget the clopping of hoofs, it was the clipping of hair that beckoned Saturday at Belmont Park." Anyone up for a haircut at the race track? [via Fat Al]

The condos coming to replace Frank O'Hara's last home have been revealed. [Curbed]

Are we about to lose the signage of Katz and Sons? [BB]

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Warren said...

Re: the American Apparel item, it's another step forward in the Guest of a Guest-ification of New York. Just more artificial, plastic, instantly forgettable garbage from people who have no idea what NYC is really about.