Friday, June 4, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

We've long worried that Mars Bar would soon be lost. Now it has happened. Mars Bar the cat, that is. If you've seen this fella in the vicinity of 16 W. 11th St., please call the owners:

High Line inspires Japanese hipsters to create Tabloid, an "eclectic art, office, gallery and studio space for the creative set." [CNNGO]

Superdive introduces the wet t-shirt contest to the EV. And welcome to Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. [EVG]

Kicks keep coming for Fairey mural. [BB]

Enjoy vintage ads for the Electric Circus. [Stupefaction]

Put that Grocery & Deli sign back where you found it. [LC]

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Billy said...

re: #1, don't scare me like that!