Monday, June 21, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

What happened to the Empire Diner's Empire State Building?! It used to stand at the corner like a glittering hood ornament. I hope those Coffee Shop people are just polishing it up to be put back:

"In the late 1970s, the historian Christopher Lasch famously described America as a culture of narcissism. Today we might well be called a nation of dysregulation. The signs that something is amiss in our inner mechanisms of control and restraint are everywhere." [NYT]

Walking the Seaport. [FNY]

If there are mermaids, then it must be summer. [Blah]

Who's designing NYU's big tower? Grimshaw, the creators of the Cemusa news boxes. It's all a matched set. [WSJ]

Looking at the watery ruins of the Hudson. [SNY]

Fairey mural just can't win. [EVG]

Tomorrow night, author David Freeland speaks at the Skyscraper Museum.

In the Bronx: "Today’s bland urban landscape of concrete towers and big box stores rests atop what was once Freedomland, which shrank the United States down to theme-park size." [CR]

Times Square? Enough already. [FP]

Folsom Street East went on this weekend in the shadow of shiny new condo towers:

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