Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ciao from Gino

Yesterday's Gino post received a note from the daughter of Gino's co-owner. She was kind enough to write in, on behalf of her father, and tell us:

"I came across this blog accidentally and just want to thank you and everyone else who appreciated Gino for what it was. My father, Salvatore Doria, the owner and face of Gino, is so sad that Gino could not go on as the beautiful piece of New York it has been for the past almost 70 years."

"You are right, it was electric Saturday night. That's how I remember it when I used to go visit my Daddy at his 'job' when I was little. Anyone who has been to Gino has a story to tell. It may have been a brush with a celebrity at the next table or just the memory of the taste of that Segreto sauce (my favorite).

Either way, he has asked me to express his love for you all and for your loyalty throughout the years. Ciao!"

--Concetta Doria Stetler

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