Tuesday, June 1, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

The next incarnation of Skyline Books comes to life! But will the famous Linda be there? [LC]

Extra Place--formerly an alley for CBGB and a speakeasy--takes the next step in going boutique. [EVG]

Irving Plaza gets its name back. [Stupefaction]

Abramovic's final performance ends in vomit and nudity. [Gawker]

15 ways to stop Magnolia Bakery's "Carrie Cupcake." [Grub]

A peek inside a shuttered Greenpoint soda fountain. [GVDP]

A glimpse of St. Marks and 3rd in 1983. [FP]

"Years ago, the Paris Blues was a hotbed of antigentrification... Now, it may be the only watering hole in Harlem where Rudolph W. Giuliani is thought of as a hero." [CR]

Pics of punks in Tompkins Square Park. [SG]

Next weekend: Check out the Bushwick Open Studios.

June 6: Tour Woodside with Forgotten NY.

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