Wednesday, June 30, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

I love this Best Housekeeping sign on Avenue A. Selling appliances since 1924. But how long can it really last? ...before some genius entrepreneur turns it into an appliance-themed bar.

"Brooklyn has become as much a brand these days as a location. Slap the word 'Brooklyn' on a piece of clothing and it’s instantly edgy, and quite likely to sell." [Inc]

The Amato Opera House has lost its commemorative plaque honoring the decades of work from Tony and Sally Amato. They just can't have that on the bar/lounge to come. Is nothing sacred? [EVG]

Richard Price on the LES: "there were lines going around the block to buy heroin in an apartment that today probably sells for about $2 million." [BB]

Frank Gehry's IAC Building looks like "a plastic iceberg, proud to be likely the last iceberg on earth." [Restless]

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KSx said...

I'm a big fan of that Best Housekeeping storefront too -- there's some humble magic in that sign and second floor kitchen display.