Thursday, June 3, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Absolut releases Brooklyn-flavored vodka--apple, ginger, and Spike Lee. [GPs]
Tracking down the giant iguana of 61 Fifth Avenue. [FP]

Peter Orlovsky has passed away. I remember seeing him read at the Poetry Project, drinking a tallboy, shirt unbuttoned and belly swelling, talking about eating ass. [P&W] (NSFW)

An "occasional DJ" for Avenue B. [EVG]

A metaphor for the Bowery before it was hip: "Sticking out like an infected anus at the end of the island, the Bowery lays a fart in the face of New York." [RS]

Discarded matzo outside the Streit's Factory--not every sheet of unleavened bread can make the the grade. [BB]


BrooksNYC said...

There are some lovely tributes to Peter Orlovsky starting to pile up. People adored him.

Bryan said...

Great memory of P.O. -- did you see the link to the tribute someone left in our comments? Nice tribute.

I haven't seen much in the msm, though.

p.s. Hey, Brooks!

Dan said...

Probably worth mentioning that the Orlovsky link is quite NSFW.

Jeremiah Moss said...

hmm, good point. somehow, i didn't quite notice the penis.

BrooksNYC said...

Hey, Bryan! (Have we crossed paths? I'm wondering if you have me confused with Brooks of Sheffield. 'Cuz dat's not me.)


Bryan said...

Hey -- my bad, Brooks *not* of Sheffield. But maybe we'll cross paths too at some point.

And sorry too, Dan, for the racy Ginsberg/Orlovsky. It's my favorite picture of them and I just couldn't resist. Seems appropriate for them to continue to shock, though!

Media glut said...

Re: Orlovsky. The Robert Frank movie Me & My Brother is a must see. Excellent movie!