Friday, June 11, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

It's time to really start worrying about Meatpacking holdout Hector's says Scoopy. [Villager]

20,000 Legs Under the Sea, a surrealist burlesque manifesto at Coney. [Spectacularist]

Gay Pride parade rerouted to save rich NIMBY wickets. [Gothamist]

The beautiful W. 4th newsstand is revived. [BB]

Meet Moe Stein of Frank's Sport Shop. [CR]

Grieve uncovers mystery behind the Blvd of Broken Dreams. [EVG]

Revisit the speakeasy days on W. 54th. [GLF]

Another obit for Gino. [Obit]


Bold & Courageous said...

Posted this in the wrong place, so here it is again:

Hector's took a real hit from the economic downturn which followed 9/11, along with a lot of the other small businesses in the neighborhood. I don't think it ever recovered.

It used to be open 24/7, but with the the loss of walk in traffic and the closing of other businesses, they did away with their nighttime hours. Shame, as they make about the best damn fries in the world.

Unfortunately, with the closing of Nick's City Kitchen--and it's replacement with The Diner (those assholes)--Hector's is the last real diner left in the neighborhood.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Hector's makes a good burger. it's the last place to sit down and have an affordable, peaceful lunch anywhere near there.

when it goes, it will be a great loss, especially to the remaining meatpackers. where are they going to go for lunch? Pastis? The Standard?

Kagemusha said...

I love your blog... I live in exile (born and raised New Yorker) here in Ohio... your nostalgic trips down amnesia lane are wonderful... Thank you for what you do!!!!