Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to the Backside

If you were around last summer, you might recall the seasonal saga Notes from the Backside. Written by neighbors of the Cooper Square Hotel, they began with a megaphone and ended with the the hanging of an actual douchebag. In between, their poopy laundry lines made it to 1010 WINS and the New York Post.

Now, as warm, giddy, loudmouth weather descends upon the East Village, the Backsiders creep out of hibernation to report all about it.

One Backsider writes:
"This morning I wake up at 5:20 am--still dark out--to the sound of huge, heavy metal clanging. I get up and look outside and some guy at the hotel has a little lit workshop. He's installing these huge metal planters. At 5 am. I ask him to stop and remind him that he's not supposed to be out there till 10--according to their liquor license. And, to his credit, he does.

This is just a week after I hear some guys laughing on the patio at 11:30, a few feet from my bedroom window. They also claim to be working on the planters.

The planters were supposed to have been filled with 4-foot bamboo before they opened their patio for business this season, according to their liquor license. Right now their patrons can and do look in our windows and make eye contact with us.

We were thinking of this deterrent":


EV Grieve said...

Can't wait to see these planters.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of playing back.

As in: record and broadcast.

Start recording people and play back their conversations with a 3-4 minute lag.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

This is one of those blog posts I sincerely hope never gets repeated...

Didn't the restaurant inside change hands? Maybe that will make a difference?

glamma said...

Backside - we support you! Fight the good fight!