Tuesday, April 27, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

When hipsters move to Chinatown: "look, this is Manhattan: Neighborhoods change, neighborhoods become yuppie. I don't feel I'm doing anything criminal by living here. I don't know, maybe I'm being naïve. It doesn't feel like an issue to me, but maybe that's 'cause I'm on the good end of it." [Voice]

Tourist information that's useful, a sticker on the subway:

Selling Willets Point, piece by piece, while the holdouts hold. [CR]

This is your last week to visit Freddy's, before the city wields its eminent domain wrecking ball. [FIB]

The East Village is now a suitable location for Smurfs. [EVG]

Photos of NYC in the 1970s by Allen Tannenbaum. [COS]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Ha, nice subway find. It's true - people often ask me where the WTC is or how to get to it and I'm sure to tell them there is nothing to gawk at. What they are expecting, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

"And three streets down, everyone is white, wearing flannel shirts, and has a beard."

Just kill me.

3 Fingers Brown said...

Sucks for the Chinese folks getting pushed out of their apartments by rich transients. Story of NYC I suppose. 35 years here and I'm over it. Let the yunnies have this god-forsaken hole, while I go raise goats and shoot of my guns on a farm somewhere.

Caleo88 said...

And for the past several years, Chinatown was the last living vestige of Old New York. A tiny oasis in the hyper renovated New New York. And now even Chinatown isn't safe. These worthless little shits are destroying something that they can't even understand. It appears the situation in this town is truly hopeless. The contagion never stops spreading.

TyN said...

I live in a rent-controlled apartment in Chinatown, and have zero of the drama in that article. Blame it on the entitled rich NYU kids who are new to the city. My building is similar to the one on Delancey because it's equal parts renovated, and still has a lot of long-term residents. Everyone in the building is friendly and gets along.

Chinatown is still preserved when you leave the area that borders the Lower East Side and SoHo.

Group 3 said...

What an incredible sticker! Admittedly, when I moved to New York (I may as well have been a tourist at that point) I wandered down to Ground Zero, walked a big circle around it, and realized it's...a big hole with a fence around it surrounded by vendors selling silly Twin Towers memorabilia. What a spectacle!

Jason Rule said...

Whoever placed that sticker there, I want to buy him a cookie.