Wednesday, April 7, 2010

M&G Plucked

According to a commenter here, in Harlem the beloved M&G Diner is being plucked by souvenir-hunting buzzards--or maybe just heartbroken lovers of the M&G.

Dave Cook of Eating in Translation tells us, "Not only has the colorful 'diner' sign been loosened, but the lettered curtain of the awning has been removed, along with most of the awning itself."

from Eating in Translation

The M&G closed "for vacation" back in 2008 and never reopened.

2008, my flickr


Brooks of Sheffield said...

Hey, I might take some of the sign myself, if I thought it would only end up on the ashheap otherwise.

norman said...

Please don't. The owner is attempting to keep it as is, unless the new tenant wants otherwise, and there are supplementary plans in place in case that doesn't work out as well.