Thursday, April 22, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Fairey finishes the Houston Wall in quickie wheat-paste fashion [Gothamist]...

...while a sneak peek has been sitting on a Dumpster outside the Cooper Square Hotel. Is one more "street" than the other?

A fruitstand comes down on Bleecker and reveals a wall of scrappy 1980s-era advertisements. [GVDP]

Coney Island deteriorates under Thor's hammer. [ATZ]

Someone hates New York. [FP]

At Atlantic Yards, the last holdout goes. Would you turn down $3 million, knowing you'd be booted anyway? [Gothamist]


Anonymous said...

I do feel bad for A Building tenants (as much as one can feel bad for people who buy ugly, overpriced, block-ruining condos), but man, seeing karma bite Ben Shaoul in the ass makes my day! Possibly my whole summer!

HA ha! /Nelson Muntz

Anonymous said...

There has rarely been more misinformation reported than the story about Goldstein and Atlantic Yards. Goldstein had already lost and was about to get booted out one way or the other when he accepted the settlement. This and so many other stories made it seem that he was holding out for the money.