Friday, April 9, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Arthur Ave. parking lot attendant turns 100. [CR]

Say hello to Pablo of the Stanton Tailor Shop. [BB]

Stumbling upon Spanoramic Recordings ("Solo Para Adultos"). [WIC]

Alec Baldwin. Colson Whitehead. A city lost and found. [NYNS]

Billy's Antiques still waiting for their hello from McNally--says the pizza at Parisi is better. Maybe the Pulino's bodyguard can chaperone him across that "sketchy corner." [Villager]

She's back. With her glitter Blackberry, car keys, and lip gloss, the horrible "Generation O" girl has returned to the streets. She's a trender and a spender. And she "indexes high for word of mouth."

Canceling a food order in the EV might get you arrested. [EVG]

Where are the bones from under Trump Soho? [Curbed]

South Brooklyn Pizza almost ready to open in the EV. [Eater]

What will become of the Ridgewood Theater? [Gothamist]


geoff matters said...

Don't see a "tips" line, but this might interest you:

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks Geoff. very sad. i posted the news.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Re: Soho Trump bones: shameful and disgusting.

Girl said...

Hopefully, Trump's Soho hotel will be filled with pissed-off, vindictive ghosts, as often happens when remains of the dead are moved to build hotels and homes. Not cool!!!

esquared™ said...

Materialistic People Liked Less by Peers Than 'Experiential' People