Thursday, April 22, 2010



I got a few emails this month from readers telling me about the closure of Tah-Poozie, the little toy and tchotchke shop on Greenwich Avenue, and asking if I knew anything about its possible future.

Author and Vanity Fair editor David Kamp wrote in, describing Tah-Poozie as "that rare novelty shop that was a proper novelty shop, as opposed to a sex shop. Lots of miniature wind-up toys and fake vomit, no dildos."

While Les Desirs champion Stacy Torres recalls, "it's been around since I was in elementary school... Please let me know if you've heard anything. I'd love if it just moved again, but I doubt it."

Mike Rogers, New York Magazine

Time Out Kids reported that the store closed on April 5 after 23 years in business.

New York Magazine once told the tale of owner "Shmuzie Tah-poozie, a kibbutznik who picked oranges all day. Now the tables are turned and Shmuel Kerhaus has the rest of us picking things from his goodies store, Tah-poozie (Hebrew for orangey)."

(Urban Dictionary offers another, way more visceral, definition of the term, for the scatologically curious.)

Nothing more is known at this time, except that Shmuel and his Tah-Poozie have left behind many heartbroken lovers of mood rings, pooping pigs, and fortune-telling fish.


Alex in NYC said...

ha! didn't know that about the definition.

If I recall correctly, there was another Tah Poozie over on 7th Avenue in the teens somewhere. Similarly tiny place. Ya might check and see if that one's still there.

EV Grieve said...

Very sad.... And EV Heave, rumor has it, bought all their fake vomit before they closed.

Eileen said...

So sad. I used to take my son here all the time. We both loved it.

And speaking of sad, can you post some pictures of St. Vincent's? After 161 years of service to NY, it will be closing on April 30th. Due to mismanagement, 3,500 employees will be out of work. It was a wonderful, family atmosphere to work in. We are all heartbroken. The signage is being removed as I type this.

Mayor Bloomberg claims, "It's no big thing." But 3,500 people out of work, and no Emergency Room for the West Village (only ED on the west side from 59th Street to the Battery) is a very big deal. In addition, all of the little shops around the hospital are probably doomed as the doctors, nurses, and staff were the ongoing, regular customers.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Noooo! I bought so many stocking-stuffers and birthday gifts in there. Where am I going to get a bag of jelly snakes now?

glamma said...

I am so sad to hear this. I have been going there for over 10 years whenevr i need gifts. it was truly a wonderful store, packed to the brim with fun, good vibes, unique products and excellent prices. tah-poozie, you will be sorely missed and am curious if this is yet another case of landlord greed. thanks for everything and best of luck.

:::Beautiful Soul::: said...

Tahpoozie has closed its doors forever! I attended PS41 and used to go every day after school. I spoke to the owner on the last day, April 5th, and he said after 25 years he is going to "find something else to do with his time". There are no plans to re-open the store at any new location.

Steph said...

The Tah Poozie on 7th Avenue closed years ago, this was the final outpost. Without this store and the card store that burned down recently I truly do not know where to find any good gag holiday gifts and humorous cards. So sad!

Roberta said...

A sad day. The good news is that Chumley Twist shopped the sales and bought quite a few sale-priced bobbleheads.

Grand St. said...

Greenwich Ave. continues to transition. Saw today that Artepasta had closed (though I never understood how it survived as long as it did.)

On the flip side, perhaps superior Italian fare will soon be served where the 'Go Sushi' used to exist. Some entity called Olio Restuarants, LLC has a permit there for a sign that promises 'Pizza e Piu.'

Masonh said...

I am so sorry to hear that this store closed - I had been meaning to stock up on stocking stuffers there, but hadn't gone the last two years so am just learning of the closing, now.

I also miss Funayama - the sushi place down the street. The closing of St Vincents really dealt a hard blow. It really goes to show us how important the local "regulars" are the their neighboring businesses.

So sad.