Thursday, April 29, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Bleecker = "Gold Coast for designer boutiques" as rents continue to skyrocket. [WSJ] via Curbed

Stacy Torres writes about the pain of losing St. Vincent's. [NYDN]

Goggla shows video of Fairey's latest, simultaneous mural going up at Wooster and Grand. [youtube]

Someone sticks a little sticker on the Houston Fairey:

Joe Sitt reveals plans to demolish pretty much everything in Coney Island and replace it with fast food joints. [NYO]

Take a look inside what's to go in Coney. [KC]

Are noisy EV bar owners finally shaking in their boots? [EVG]

Ray denied social security benefits. [NMNL]

Saying goodbye to Admiral's Row. [GVDP]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

The interior of the CI bank building is gorgeous. I can't believe it's not landmarked - is it too late?

cityofstrangers said...

I can't quite believe anyone would want to turn Coney Island into a seaside version of Times Square. Or rather - not even Times Square, but a tawdry strip mall. 'Tis a shame indeed. The bank building would be a real loss. An incredible loss.