Thursday, October 29, 2009

Backside Post Script

With summer thoroughly over and the clocks falling back, as the loudmouth weather goes south, we return for a look back at the Backside of the Cooper Square Hotel.

The douchebags are gone from the fire escapes, the shit-stained panties have been unhoisted, and the orgasm sound effects have been silenced. The Backsiders enjoy their quiet.

But they leave up a few subtle reminders, final notes to what had been a symphony of resentment. In the windows facing the hotel's patio, signs remain taped to the glass, a tone of weary resignation, to anyone who might bother to read.

You can find the complete Notes from the Backside here:
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EV Grieve said...

Ha! Love the "why yes..."

cmdrtebok said...

When ever I hear about Manhattanites complaining about the noise I have to wonder how incredibly loud it must have been when 15 people would live in one tenement apartment back in the 19th century.

Cav said...

19th century tenement life loud? Let's see: anyone of the 15 people in the apartment from the age of 12and over (women included)was at work for at least 12 hours a day, 6days a week. Infant mortality was about 50% under the age of 5 and the average lifespan of surviving adults was about 40 years. Let's not forget diseases which struck all ages. One or more of the 15 tennants would have been sick and bedridden at any given time. They led pretty miserable lives.

On balance it would seem the apartment would have been reasonably quiet. During the day there would only be one or two women present taking care of young children, infants and the sick. The others returning home from work, rather hard physical labor, probably wanted to get some sleep before the next work shift.

Not that there weren't any noise problems from domestic fights and babies crying. Noise from late night partying would have been rare as parties wouldn't have been really high on anyone's agenda assuming they could afford that luxury.

Also, in a less genteel time obnoxious neighbours that didn't listen to reason usually got the shit beat out of them.

Jeremiah Moss said...

excellent points Cav.

cmdrtebok said...

Well I mean the infant mortality rate was actually more like 25% but still... very very high.

You have to also have to figure in all the noise from the hundreds of horses, clanging street cars, and the noise of active ports that were some of the busiest in the world. Also in the 19th C people drank on average far more then they do now and I can't imagine that they were all quiet respectful drunks.

In peoples apartments they wouldn't have nice things like double paned windows to keep out outside noise or carpets to soften the noise of people above and below them.

Also they I'm sure they had neighbourhood flop houses and travellers inns that made as much noise as the narcissistic dicks at the cooper square hotel.

Cav said...

Not to be contentious, I don't live in LES/EV area and have no axe to grind, but on principle, I respectfully disagree.

It's been a while since I've read anything from the 19th century reformers writing about the conditions of life back then but I recall they wrote more about the stench, overcrowded apartments and squalor. I could be wrong but excessive noise I don't remember reading about.

I don't think using the argument "they were just as bad back then so it's ok for us to do it now" or "it was always like this so why complain" even if it were true could be used to justify bad behavior today.

sandra said...

I just read through the posts regarding this issue, and I have to say this, its NYC, you are in the LES. QUIT YOUR BITCHIN'

If you want a nice quiet place to live then move. Its not the hotel guests fault that you're upset the hotel was built, they are just enjoying themselves. Throwing eggs, hanging up dirty underwear, blasting music, screaming through megaphones are all immature pranks that do nothing but damage the apartment building's reputation.

I really can't believe the amount people cry about things that are nonsense. Tenants, this is a losing battle. STFU.

Carrie said...

If you want 15 people per apartment come to Inwood and Washington Heights. We have plenty of overcrowded immigrant apartments and are #1 in noise complaints in all 5 boroughs. No boutique hotels though!