Friday, October 23, 2009

David's Redux

If you've walked on 7th Street lately, you may have noticed that David's Shoe Repair is being gutted.

Last October, we had a scare that the beloved business was closing, which I wrote about here. One year later, it looks truly bleak. The walls have been stripped, the old machines hauled out, and boxes filled with rubber heels sit waiting to be tossed.

But fear not.

I spoke to the new owner. He is David's grandson and he promises that, after a renovation, the business will remain the same. In fact, it will even have the same name, since the grandson is also David. As for the old cobbler, he is doing well, but has decided it's simply time to retire.

It's rare these days to see a grandchild taking over and maintaining a long-term small business. And it's cause for relief--the city's legacy lives on, and that's one less vanishing for a street that has been changing rapidly and almost completely.

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EV Grieve said...

Good news, indeed. And I'm surprised — pleasantly surprised for once!

marjorie said...

very good news!! that is my go-to shop for those german orthopedic old-lady shoes you see in the window. they are the most comfy shoes i have ever worn, very reasonably priced, perfectly chic taken out of german old-lady context, and i love the experience of buying there -- cash only, and when you're trying them on outside (the owner sometimes puts a little table with shoes on it outside the door of the teeny shop) GOD HELP YOU if you step off the little green mat onto the sidewalk. some serious biblical wrath there. classic neighborhood shopping experience.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear!!

Eden Bee said...

I saw them gutting it today..are you sure about them re-opening? They told me that the rent was raised by quite a lot..but did say something about not to worry..I admit I don't go there because the old man completely went mental on me once when I brought my old boots in for repair..but it doesn't matter. He's been there forever and I want him to stay open! he's like ray, but just really mean and nuts!

ak said...

omg - great news!

i walked by yesterday when i saw the gutted interior and believed that david’s was gone for good. nice to know that (might) not be the case. i was actually going online today to see if he still had his brooklyn warehouse/shop/store/whatever-it-was-that-I-was-told-to-go-to-but-never-did.

i too have had the wrath of not-being-a-model-customer thrown at me (i know the shoes were crap! but they were mine, i liked them and i just wanted a new sole!) and yet, i have continued to go back because the quality of the work was good (when my shoes’ quality warranted a fixing!). plus, those german orthopedic sandals are tops and there’s always nice ankle boots.

Jeremiah Moss said...

you know, i am never sure about reopenings, but the grandson strongly reassured me it would be the same business, that he was only taking over from his grandfather. we'll see. i hope they don't scrape the old 1940s sticker from the window.

marjorie said...

i am bizarrely glad to hear

a) that i'm not the only one the old guy yells at
b) that we all still buy from him anyway!

yay, community!