Monday, October 5, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

New Yorkers voted to give a cheap apartment to a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe. [Racked]

Is the Cooper Square Hotel for sale? Insiders say yes--business has been bad. Maybe it'll be a tear-down. [CR]

Are you in John Rafman's artistic and provocative collection of Google Street Views? [AFC]

One of the saddest NYC before-and-afters ever. [SNY]

When 8th Ave. was the "Minnesota Strip." [ENY]

In Long Island City: What's a subway booth operator to do when she can't get good TV reception? Rabbit ears, a pie plate, and a very long wire...

Amy Sohn: "My book appeals to anyone who has a sense of humor about Park Slope or any bourgeois bohemian breeding ground, who feels their blood pressure rise when they enter the Coop, who gets annoyed by large strollers, who’s ever been in the Teat Lounge, who loves or hates kids, loves or hates breeders, who has witnessed gentrification firsthand..." [Gothamist]

Bloomberg's bomb: “If you ask New Yorkers what they did not like over the last eight years...term limits is the major negative.” [NYT]

They also don't like his $115 tickets. [EVG]

Pickle lovers descend on the LES. [BB]

Checking out Abel Ferrara's "Chelsea on the Rocks." [BBs]

What's up with the Windermere? [GLF]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Maybe the Bowery Mission could expand into the Cooper Square Hotel.

Melanie said...

Googla--you have a good point--

Anonymous said...

The Carrie Bradshaw wannabe is a beauty. Am surprised The Donnuld has not invited her to live in one of his many luxury towers. If she would give her hair more highlights and get large tacky earrings, she would look like Miss California. Ah, the West Village gets better and better. And 7th Ave. is such a charming little street to live on.

Anonymous said...

That Terminal Bar before and after really is tragic. - BN