Friday, October 9, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Chelsea Now follows up on the Les Desirs story: Turns out, Sullivan Street Bakery has been eyeing the spot since 2002, but the French baker said "Non." [CN]

Alabamans love our lost Cheyenne Diner so much, they're willing to kill for it. [Curbed]

Leaders of the censored Leather Fest send word: "We may be defeated, but we're still gonna celebrate!" As the Food Fest rages in MePa, go to the Leather & Bear Beer Bust & Bar-B-Que at The Delancey, 10/10, 1 - 5pm.

Vinyl sales are up--will used books be next for resuscitation? [CR]

A rare look inside the ancient Bank of Coney Island. [ATZ]

"The Lower East Side Remembered and Revisited" is coming up 12/2 at CUNY.

A video urges you to save the Marx Brothers' homeplace. [youtube]

An EV frat house for sale. [EVG]

Check out the Loews Village 7 classic film schedule: Jaws! The Godfather! Scarface!


NYC Rhymology said...

I'll be posting some rhymology in the a.m. about the Marx Bros' childhood home situation... GOOD LORD, even moreso than John Lennon's rants about how totally excellent NYC was during his life here, it was my reading of the Marx Bros' biog's and autobiog's during my Missouri adolescence that made me fall in love with NYC!

However, I must say, the piss-poor presentation of Bill Marx's youtube video and the poorly edited blog & petition linked to on his youtube page make me feel even more frustrated than usual that my NYC Rhymology site doesn't have a space where I can blow off some steam!!... [deep breath]

NYC Rhymology said...

Here 'tis: NYC Rhymology: Dick Smothers on bass/Save Marx Bros Place