Thursday, October 29, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

On W Magazine's cover, a sad, rich, beautiful lady (Linda Evangelista) poses near NYU with a cardboard sign: "It must be somebody's fault." What do you think she's referring to?

Wall Streeters (any left?) will be reading about Slum Goddess and Crumb today as they commute. [WSJ]

Brooklynites demand vacant condos to be turned into affordable housing. [BE]

Bloomberg just made clove cigarettes illegal in NYC. [Gothamist]

Looking back at Burger Klein. [BBB]

Find answers about NY's uniqueness. Says one reader, "The city has been one large shopping mall with a false edifice of culture to trick those moving here into thinking they are part of the old New York City aura that is actually long long gone." [CR]

Now you can own next summer's obnoxious party destination. [EVG]

Celeb-obsessed teens used Internet to rob the celebs they loved...Hilton, Lohan, et al. [yahoo]


kingb said...

re: "affordable housing"

so homes that i was unable to afford at "market rates" should now become homes that i'm "not allowed to" afford, since i'll surely not qualify for the handouts (not poor enough)?

there is a forgotten class in NYC, and we're fleeing

Anonymous said...


Regarding NY's diminishing uniqueness, good points all - except that these patterns are in place pretty much in every semi-successful city. I came back from London last year and if anything it was even worse - a vast museum inhabited by the rich, totally gentrified and dominated by the financial district, with the poor pushed out to the nether-regions. New York still feels more alive somehow.

Whither our cities?

Jonathan said...

Have you taken a look at Bill Grimes's book on NYC restaurant history? My relatively in-depth take here:

JM said...

I wonder if that W cover is referring to the fate of W itself. Supposedly, it's dying, like a lot of magazines these days.