Thursday, October 15, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Spotted at Soy cafe on Greenwich, a perfect postcard designed by Mike Joyce. So how can we get this on t-shirts?

Can Bloomberg's Luxury City survive? WSJ says, "The hollowed out city as 'luxury product'—as Mr. Bloomberg once described his vision for a New York in which the wealthy subsidize the city's work force—is unsustainable..." [WSJ]

Affordable housing lost under Bloomberg. [NYT]

Time Out asks: "Are you one of the most essential New Yorkers? Nominate yourself" as the "best new arrival, the most creative...most datable...hottest...and biggest life of the party." Oh dear.

Visiting Greenlight Books. [BP]

East Village newcomers hate Tompkins Square Park and it's really just as well. [EVG]

Here's your chance to visit the catacombs (?) of the Abrons Arts Center’s historic Playhouse: It's the Steampunk Haunted House.

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