Tuesday, October 27, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

And the dream of a glass city crumbles evermore, as thousands of new condos show their shoddiness: "the wave of development in New York City that started in 2004 and crested in mid-2007 has resulted in a wave of accusations about defective construction and building design." [NYT]

Good news--films are returning to Theater 80. [EVG]

Slum Goddess plays a gig with R. Crumb. [SG]

This week, Chris Ware offers one of the best New Yorker covers ever--exposing the ghoulishness of iPhone addiction:

On Orchard: "Welcome home nouveau riche." [BB]

Remembering Miss Rheingold. [ENY]

Urban Archives in the Bronx. [Gothamist]

Is the Ekonomakis private mansion, formerly a multi-unit tenement, already being flipped? [EVG]


Eden Bee said...

I love chris ware..I am really trying to not be addicted to iphones and the like..but..i need to be updated on shit! I feel so alone without it..sniff..

esquared™ said...
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