Wednesday, October 28, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

The floor-to-ceiling window debate continues. [Curbed]

Washington Square Park tombstone revealed [Gothamist] ...and it comes with a press release. [WSP]

Is that the trace of a New York accent in a corner market's flower display?

East Village eulogy: RIP Valentina. [BBB]

Talking about gentrification & homelessness at the laundromat. [LM]

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Anonymous said...

Im happy you reposted the R.I.P Valentina.
I feel her death was an example of a community turning a blind eye to domestic violence. Myself included. Was it because she was a little out there? Was it because she was often drunk?
I did tell her to leave Peter once, but honestly I was too busy to repeat my concern or do something more helpful.
We all knew he beat her. We saw his angry outbursts.
Why were we unable to do more?
Are we that self involved?
I am sick over this, and disgusted with myself for not doing more for a neighbor, a sweet woman who did not deserve to die like that.