Friday, October 2, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Enjoy Walkers in the City, a blog by Romy Ashby, co-creator of the Goodies. This one's got Greta Garbo, Carl Jung, a lady with a well-cultivated behind, plus: Life in the laundromats of Chelsea. [WIC]

The Open House New York schedule has been released. Go for it! [OHNY]

The city finally cracks down on the encroaching ATMs of the East Village--aka "unauthorized projections"--these notices are everywhere:

Go inside the Ekonomakis Dream Tenement with Scoopy. [via EVG]

Hot tub atop Standard Hotel "big enough to accommodate twenty drunk people looking to get laid." [Eater]

Say goodbye to the last unrenovated parts of Washington Square Park. [GVDP]

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