Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cheyenne Saved

Michael Perlman sent me a press release with the good news: The Cheyenne Diner is staying close to home!

"The architecturally & culturally significant Cheyenne Diner has been purchased, and will gain a new lease on life when transported to Red Hook, Brooklyn. A contract has been signed between property owner George Papas and its new owner, Mike O'Connell of O’C Construction, son of influential Red Hook developer, Greg O’Connell."

Greg O'Connell has been called "the real Goliath in Red Hook" for being its biggest property owner, but he actually sounds like a decent guy--"a socialist developer," according to this interview, in which he worries about the loss of artists and mom-and-pops.

If he truly is this conscientious and if his son takes after him, then the Cheyenne might really be in good hands.