Friday, April 25, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Only the elderly care to save the villages from the grip of NYU. Is that true? [Observer] via [Curbed]

Check out this review of the Bob Gruen opening at the old CBGB 313 space. Life (and art) goes on... [Stupefaction]

Grub Street reports the Minetta Tavern will close May 6, but Minetta's owner told me it's more like "May 1...or so." He's not sure himself, so you make sure to get there before May if you want to say goodbye to this Village landmark before it gets Balthazared. [Eater]

Is nothing sacred? In Bay Ridge a luxury developer has had 211 century-old corpses dug up and relocated from their places of "eternal" rest to make room for his condo. Even in death, we can never escape the creeping hands of eviction. [Gothamist] A Bay Ridger is on the scene.

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