Monday, April 28, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Dutch Kills gets killed by glassy, spaceship hotels--14 are going up in just an 8-block area. Locals watch their neighborhood vanish before their eyes. [NYT]

I've been wondering what's happening to the Hotel Breslin residents now that their home is going boutique hotel with developers whose philosophy is "all about taking historic buildings to the next level." Which means booting existing tenants. [Chelsea Now]

View the trailer for Nick Schlyer's film: Voices of the Breslin.

Photographer Jill Freedman returns to the city she documented in the gritty 70s and 80s. She captured ambivalent feelings about those times, saying: "There are days I walk down the street feeling its ugliness on my skin like a sunburn...other days when I can hardly catch my breath for the beauty of it." [NYT] Watch the great interview with Jill:

photo: Jill Freedman

24-year-old LES boutique leaves Ludlow because it's just too touristy. [Urbanite]

In other fabulous urban street photography, EV Grieve turns us on to the work of Matt Weber, whose images of the Garment District look like something from 50 years ago. [EVG]

photo: Matt Weber

But, wait, there's more: Check out a show of photographs by Barbara G. Mensch--she snapped the vanished working class men of the South Street Seaport and Fulton Fish Market, about which she said in a great interview, "Now I look at this place, and it’s like death to me. There’s nothing living." [City Room]

Andrew Berman is "leading the charge" against NYU's plan to demolish Provincetown Playhouse. [Curbed]

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