Wednesday, April 30, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

A grim look at the future LES, where super-high rents are "buoyed by the arrival of high-profile newcomers like the men’s wear designer John Varvatos." As one luxury shop begets another... [Times]

Landmarks Preservation Committee says the Provincetown Playhouse isn't worth saving. [Curbed] ...And the new playhouse is revealed. [Curbed]

Here we go again--how many of us will be pushed to Philadelphia after the next round of rent hikes? [Gothamist]

"Park Slope has so much juice, just like Manhattan. It's got a lot of pizzazz and energy." And that means it's about to be put through the Darren Star machine. For all who believe the boroughs are safe from being SATC'd, here is the future. [Gothamist]

The saga of 49 E. Houston and Steve Stollman continues. [Voice]

Take a peek at our dear, old redbirds at the bottom of the sea. [City Room]

When you're super-rich and you run out of room, what's there to do except buy a passel of townhouses and stick 'em all together in one big mother of a McMansion? [Times]


Anonymous said...

J, many have already been pushed to Philadelphia and far beyond. Thank God for the Internet and e-mail. The real estate crowd and the pols are destroying NYC as you so well know.

Anonymous said...

I can't I can't I can't...Curbed linked to your site. I was reading about Chelsea, my neighborhood. I am already in a state of constant heated anger about what has become of our city. I don't need to come here to add fuel to that anger. I don't need another blog validating what I know to be true about life in this hologram, otherwise known as advanced capitalism.

Most likely I'll return, even as I try to tell myself I won't. I definitely shouldn't return.

Me to play.

Anonymous said...

trust me, rx, you will return, again and again. for anyone who loves or has loved NYC, this is the most intelligent blog there is. J is the sole chronicler of the despairing destruction of a once vibrant city. you should be angered, enraged.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, the post about Darren Star producing a show set in Park Slope isn't true.