Thursday, April 17, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Protest at Varvatos on Bowery tonight! There's nothing we can do but at least it feels like something. [Bk Vegan] via [Curbed]

Varvatos preserving the aggression, excitement, passion of CBGB's? He says his shop is "made for this neighborhood." [Observer]

Rocco, the barber of Spring Street, is cutting his hours. Ethan Hauser, I have two suggestions for you: The New Barber Shop on 9th Ave and The Clover in Park Slope. But you better go soon. [NYT]

Elettaria, the first of 8th Street's trendy-luxe new wavers, is a favorite of "rowdy bankers and...striking blondes debating the merits of launching their own reality show." [TONY] via [Curbed]

The new New York: Where even the city buses are lux-lux-luxury! But do they come with diplomat plates? [City Room]

The EV is pissed at Frank's flood of 20-somethings "on their cell phones, flinging around their elbows." [Eater]

Many more citizens bristle in the company of crowded, noisy, annoying restaurants. [NYT]

NYC gets SATC'd. Again. [Racked]

Last week, AMNY featured a story on Bloomtown: "You can sum up the Bloomberg legacy in two words: luxury city." Reed of New York Lost got creative with their cover and added a few more of Bloomberg's "gifts" to our city. Can you name them all?

In last night's debate, Clinton and Obama both favor taxing the super-rich. Bloomberg does NOT like that idea one bit, especially not for the uber-affluent of NYC. [Sun] via [Curbed]

Say it ain't so--my old butcher, Kurowycky Meats, long vacant, may become a celebrity chef's latest trendy restaurant. [Eater]

Priced out of Brooklyn, priced-out-of-Manhattan Manhattanites are now fleeing to the Bronx. [Gothamist]

...Probably a good idea, because look what they're doing in Queens: Decimating lovely old houses, erecting pieces of crap, then pissing all over that new crap. [Queens Crap]

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