Monday, April 7, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Forgotten NY takes a trip to the gone-but-not-forgotten Cheyenne Diner. [ForgottenNY]

Working to save the Cheyenne, Kyle Supley visits with video. [YouTube]

Another last look at the Cheyenne, which closed on Sunday. [Gothamist]

A piece of the past revealed! The Sucelt sign comes down and unveils a long-forgotten dumpling house from three decades ago:

More great pics of the Ratner/Brooklyn Museum protest from a VNY reader. [Kingston L]

The CBGB site reopened this weekend as a John Varvatos shop--complete with history under glass. [Racked]

The death of Meatpacking continues as the Hog Pit announces its closing--probably to be replaced by a Ralph Lauren store. [Eater] The Pit has only been there since 1995, but in this neighborhood, that's old-school. So how much will the new rent be? A year ago the owner said $40,000 a month.

A look at Page 6's coverage of the new kids on the Bowery and what would Hilly think. [EV Grieve]

"From laptops to lapdances, this high class piece of ass is gonna show you her lower east side!" Meet Sarah Jessica Porkher. [Gothamist]


Anonymous said...

You can't touch NYers when it comes to an imaginative demonstration!! Anywhere else, people demonstrate by standing around and saying "Duh". Who were the two guys, in their ties and coats - more real estate whores? The Hog Pit news is a shocker. For years, I lived near it. MePa must be another circle of Hell.

Anonymous said...

Talk a walk by the Ottendorf Branch of the library on 2nd ave between St Marks/9th st. It has several huge signs on it that say "Buy This Mansion" with the realtors website & phone. (sorry I didn't have a camera with me)

In the previous "Gilded Age". at least some of the wealthy & overprivileged built things like libraries for the public good. Now they want them for themselves. Welcome to the Glutton Age.

Anonymous said...

The Glutton Age is perfect! Jeremiah you should add it to your other entries (Yunnies, etc.) in the Dictionary of Destruction, emerging from your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

I saw that sign at Sucelt. I wasn't sure if it was behind the old Sucelt sign or if it was a faux-old sign for a new dumpling house. I've been seeing a lot more faux shit lately like faux graffiti in Chelsea that says "Chipotle" and these "dive bars" in the UWS:

Anonymous said...

After I posted about Ottendorfer, I realized how unlikely it sounded, so I took a stroll over there on my way to the butcher. It is the long-shuttered clinic next door that is for sale, not the library. Mind you, I hate the marketing, hate the mansion idea, but I am pleased that, at least for now, we still have Ottendorfer.

Anonymous said...

hey JM, fox 5 news had a news bit last night (not that i always watch fox5 News -- but happened to caught it last night) about the disappearing Restaurants in NYC; the bit featured, Florent, Joe's Pizza, Cheyenne diner, and among others. You've been reporting on our disappearing NY for a while now and they just picked up on it. They also should have interviewed you to get a more in-depth reason for this anomality, or trend (depends on who you talk to) -- but instead they interviewed an editor from Crain's Business instead, justifying the closing down of these food establishments. I guess these yuppies, yunnies, Vongerichtificators really have the power. If the Duane Reades and Walgreens had a drug for Condoschmerz, I wouldn't mind having them around.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks to all who told me about the "buy this mansion" sign--i just did a little digging into it and posted.

re: village yogurt--it's still open and doing fine!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't realize that Fried Dumpling Sign was the Sucelt locale! When I passed by yesterday, I thought it was a different business - one that I had never noticed - that had just gone out of business...