Wednesday, April 23, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

I just posted on Steve Stollman's place on Houston, wondering where he went and why. Looks like, thanks to a buyback, he might be coming back in 2 years--but the bike activists may not be coming with him. [Voice]

Of course, Steve would have to move back into a hideous, tumorous, monster of a building made by someone called "Sultan's DaVinci." [Curbed]

At long last, the subway barber photographer is back in action. [Subway Barbers]

The "Iron Triangle Freeze Out" is already killing the small businesses of Willets Point. [NYDN]

Join the anti-gentrification romp in Tompkins Square Park this Saturday and celebrate through your pain. [SLES]

Michael Perlman, savior of diners, is profiled in the Observer. [NYO]

And it's another boutique hotel for rapidly dying Chinatown. [NYO]


Anonymous said...

Will there be a place in the Iron Triangle where Mandy Burden and her society friends can do lunch?

Anonymous said...

Who's the creator of that E. Houston Street horror--"Satan's DaVinci"?

And, since I'm too lazy to re-type, my Queens Crap comment on this: "What's truly scary is the effect this might have on my drinking at Milano's, located on the ground floor of 51. Anything which interferes with my regimen of Brooklyn Lager on tap, the Mets on the tube (when I can convince the beautiful barmaids to stay away from the YES Network) and Isaac Hayes on the jukebox will simply NOT be tolerated."