Thursday, April 3, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

You say aristocratization, I say's an Onion joke, but not so far-flung from reality as the city moves closer to total oligarchy. [Observer]

This sounds like an Onion joke: Brooklyn Museum to give Bruce Ratner its highest honor while Marc Jacobs puts on a "Louis Vuitton bring attention to the serious issue of counterfeiting” handbags! That's right--let's make sure luxury goods are well protected. Go to the protest tonight. [Gothamist]

Sarah Jessica Parker warns: The Sex-and-the-Citification of the outer boroughs is coming. So watch out. (My words, not hers.) [Gothamist]

...But the girls in pink keep pouring into "not what it used to be" Manhattan--to the tune of $24,000 per 4-day trip. [Jezebel]

Woody Allen sues American Apparel--it's a psychoanalytic grudge match as the classic New York culture of neurosis fights back against the new New York culture of narcissism. Or, if you prefer, urban ethnicity vs. suburban assimilationism. Either way, I say, Go Woody! [Racked]

Old Homestead adds $81 burger to their menu--I guess that's because of rising oil prices on shipping now that they can no longer get their meat from directly across the street as in the Olden days. [Gothamist]

Cross your fingers, there's a chance the moms and pops of Harlem can fight back against the rezone--and that would be good news for all of us. [Times]

Ooh, good new word: Meta-Gentrification. Thanks NY Mag!

Check out this Hotel Chelsea event tonight. [LWL]

Another Barnes & Noble shutters because the behemoth can't pay the rent: "Is it possible? Have things taken such a turn in Manhattan that we are growing nostalgic for Barnes & Noble; the big bully that was once so easy to blame for the demise of the neighborhood bookshop?" [City Room]

Baby Dee is back--I'll never forget the sight of her, riding down my street on a giant tricycle and playing the accordion. [Chelsea Now]

"Manhattan is increasingly a borough of babies, and more and more of them are white and well-off...the median household income for this group of children was $280,000." [WPost]


Anonymous said...

So that's her name!!! I used to see her in the West Village. It's probably dangerous for her to go there now; they'd probably stone her.

Anonymous said...

The Old Homestead is makin' burgers with beef from Japan? The reality is more like ground chuck from D'Agostino's but in the new NY, illusion is everything. Jere, please tell me these reports are a continuation of your April 1 jokes!

Janet said...

It's always mentioned that Abe Harmatz was the second generation owner of Ratner's 2nd Avenue
(son of Harry Harmatz) but what is not mentioned is Abe Harmatz had 5 siblings (Sadie,Ceil,Esther,Rose and brother Izzy), all of whom were a part of
Ratner's 2nd Avenue.

I am a daughter of Izzy Harmatz and have very fond and vivid memories of 2nd Avenue Ratner's resturant and bakery.

Jeremiah Moss said...

hi janet, thanks for writing in. always good to hear from the mysterious 2nd ave ratner's!