Monday, April 21, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

May 3, 1:00-3:00, 9th Ave and 17th St: Chelsea activists Miguel Acevedo and Gloria Sukenick are putting together a protest to help save the mom-and-pop shops of 9th Avenue. For more info about the committee, call Miguel at 646-671-0310 or Gloria at 212-741-3562:

The Post mocks: "boohoo, it's unfair, etc., etc." that CBGB is now a high-end clothing store. [EVG]

Bob Arihood posts his excellent pics and account of the Varvatos opening night on Bowery, with insight into the fights that ensued. [NMNL]

Bobby Steele recounts his Varvatos night fight: "They were telling me what 'PUNK' is. 'It's not punk'. So, I finally had enough, and said 'This is PUNK!' and spit on them." [The Undead] via [Can't Stop The Bleeding]

A festive Record Store Day was had by all. [Stupefaction] [Flaming P]

The NYPL has a show coming up on the use of eminent domain in the city. [Urbanite]

The Nuyorican Poets Cafe turns 35 on May 3 with a big bash. [NYDN]

Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Chelsea Hotel, May 9 - 11, with "Chelsea Hotel Through the Eyes of Photographers." Curated by Linda Troeller and David Elder:

photo: Linda Troeller

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Bobby Steele is well 'ard! Maybe I am being naive but I remember the DIY days of punk, cassette tapes, cheap liquor...It's come a long way since with iPods, faux-hawks, faux-ripped jeans etc...well done.