Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hijinx the Cat

Some sad news to report from the folks at Coney Island USA--Hijinx the sideshow cat has passed away. She was 17 years old.

From Coney Island USA's Facebook page

I first learned about Hijinx and her infamous exploits from writer Romy Ashby, who published a story about the cat in her Goodie magazine (buy it here).

Romy told me she was interested in Hijinx as an interview subject because of "her involvement with a gang of cats who were implicated in the murder of a New York Aquarium penguin. But, like anyone with a dicey background, she wasn’t talking, so we interviewed the sideshow people. When you visit Hijinx and she comes out of her hiding place, it’s like being greeted by Gloria Swanson. She’s so regal."

Get Goodie #20 starring Hijinx


EV Grieve said...

RIP Hijinx.

Tricia said...

Cover cat!

RIP Hijinx

Marty Wombacher said...

To Hijinx, R.I.P.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Nooo! :(

Ed said...

"What many natives of the West 70s and 80s have long prophesied has come to pass: The neighborhood is finished."

But this is true for every neighborhood in New York. And it is happening in other places too, though more slowly.

This is actually quite liberating. If things suck everywhere, there is no rush to get out of the deteriorating place where you live. One thing that died with the older version of the city is the sense that you are always missing out on something happening the next block over. I'm finally learning that you can just chill. It might be better to do this in a place with lower rents, but maybe not. Other places tend to equal the rent with higher transportation costs.

JM said...

I remember that story in Goodie. Sad that Hijinx is gone now...like so much of Coney.