Friday, June 3, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Even the LES bar managers are sick of it. Says one, "When I’m walking down the street I don’t like to be blocked by 20 girls in kitten heels who have never been in the neighborhood and who are screaming." [TLD]

Miss Heather confronts a WPIX blog poacher on camera--hilarity ensues. [NYS]

What is the oldest building in the Village? [GVSHP]

Learn about the next major demolition at Astor Place. [EVG]

Where to get your $40 underpants on the LES. [BB]

This weekend, don't forget the Howl Fest. [EVC]


Queens Crapper said...

Too bad Miss Heather didn't get poached; she was given credit for first reporting the story. Mocker always gives props to bloggers. He also didn't use the footage of the guy she called a possible drug addict on her blog and didn't make the people of Greenpoint look like morons.

Wrong fight to pick.

esquared™ said...

dudes in brown flip-flops, dudes in brown flip-flops, holy crap all those dudes in brown flip-flops...