Wednesday, June 1, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

LES Girls' Club director gives the BMW Guggenheim Lab a dressing down: "It takes great chutzpah for an uptown museum and a high-end car company to promote community sustainability at the expense of...well, community and sustainability!" [EVG]

The mosaics of St. Mark's Place and more. [FNY]

Romy rescues a crawfish because, in part, it "was a thousand times more interesting as a character than any of the people in the restaurant." [WIC]

Adorable bodega cats stay cool in the heat. [BF] via [Eater]

Coney Island pier jumpers. [BB]

Slinging slurs for Little Italy feast-goers: "It was the kind of sausage-fest only a sewer rat could love." [NYP]

Bloomie's daughter publishes a "breezy, gossipy" YA "novel" about a girl whose father is "a blunt-talking Wall Street billionaire who lives in a Manhattan town house and “owns half of New York." [NYT]

When NYC published sleazy pulp. [VS]

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