Thursday, June 30, 2011

CIA on East 4th

On 12th Street outside Strand Books, the asphalt is littered with small, white squares of paper. Is it trash or an important yet cryptic message from one of the city's forgotten souls? (Unless it's a viral marketing campaign hyping a new spy movie.)

Entitled C.I.A. FRAME? the double-sided note, scanned below, is desperate, from someone "completely isolated" and "forced" to use the leaflet method "in order to reach as many persons as is possible with just one action." (They are also apparently without Internet access, or else they'd be blogging it).

They say they are the "target of a very powerful cult, perhaps not a cult at all." There is harassment, violence, and the use of powerful tracking chemicals.

All of this is happening on East 4th Street, near Avenue C. "This residential street," says the isolated leafletter, "can be very active or very quiet, at the wishes of this group." The entire street may be controlled by the CIA. Most of the suspicious activity occurs between 320 and 355 E. 4th, but especially in front of 336.

Indeed, in the Google Maps image of #336, some suspicious characters appear--with their faces conspicuously blurred. Don't be fooled by the elderly woman in the striped shirt. She may be one of them.

Finally, the leafletter warns us, "It is conceivable that a large distracting event will occur after the distribution of this flyer."

Residents of East 4th Street, be on the lookout.

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BaHa said...

Same deal on Ave B & Houston.

Anonymous said...

Someone is either off their meds or it's 'art'. I'll hope it's art because seeing things of this nature upset me a lot. If it's real, there's a person wandering around in a very bad place.

EV Grieve said...

Which explains the US Drones over the neighborhood. Yes, we're tracking.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Sounds a lot like an ex-neighbor or mine...

Does anyone remember the giant banner that hung outside an apartment window on the east side of 2nd Ave, up near 19th some years back? It was about six feel long and had an angry paranoid rant on it about landlords and government. I think it was there for quite a while.

Utherben said...

Goggla: I totally remember that banner near 19th and 2nd, and the commentary was very similar to this. Wonder if s/he moved downtown?