Tuesday, June 7, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Condos bring shiny blight to our streets: "Developers are loath to bring in delis, dry cleaners and discount stores; everyone would like a Marc Jacobs boutique or, at the very least, a bank." [NYT]

EV's Schwartz Funeral Home--not a Duane Reade, something much worse? [GVSHP]

Astor Place is NoHo? The Green Monster gets a high-profile real estate tenant--who is branding the spot as "its Noho office...for its location as a 'strategic crossroads' of the downtown market." [TRD]

Extra Place is about to get blitzed--by Brooklyn and foodies. [DNA]

HBO's Bored to Death brings Susquehanna Hat Co. to Coney. [ATZ]

6/24: The Hot Fest kicks off!

Nothing says Nolita like a professional dog pamperer. [EVG]

How to deal with people who use their cell phones in movie theaters. [Gothamist]

Christopher Street under siege--these signs have popped up everywhere:

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