Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

After 18 years, the Viceroy restaurant in Chelsea has shuttered. New York once called it "a bit of a vanguard back in 1993...before an explosion of art galleries officially shifted the neighborhood from gay to gay and upscale."

Sonny's Grocery in Hell's Kitchen is shuttered by the City after 41 years. [DNA]

Classic: Paris Is Burning plays at the IFC Center on June 27. [IFC]

This weekend, "Theater for One" brings you into a black box in Times Square. [LM]

Intervideo is gone. Who knows what hell will replace it. [EVG]

Finding the Studebaker signage of the city--and more. [FNY]

Remembering old Yorkville. [LC]

A visit to the controversial bodega exhibit. [BB]


maximum bob said...

God save us from retarded, bogus

James Taylor said...

Damn, I always wanted to go to the Viceroy. I think I recall not going in once because it looked a little overpriced, but I remember noticing a terrific Campari sign inside.

JM said...

Amen, Bob.

By the way, Jeremiah, about the Viceroy...I lived in Chelsea '85-'87, and there were some pretty decent places to eat around there. Well before the Viceroy. I always keep in mind that most writers for New York mag are under 30. In fact, I'd bet some of the editors are, too. Not a bastion of historical perspective...lol.

Mpr said...

Thank heavens Geoffrey's Grocery is still there!

MIKEY J said...

I had drinks with two of my best, longest, most helpful friends and I'm glad I can keep that memory. Some of the people who just believed in me for reasons unkown, gave me access to connections that helped make me who I am today. I will treasure my memories of the Viceroy - especially the last. This saddens me to the core. I wish it could have stayed open.