Wednesday, June 15, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The long-empty, 25-year-old Toons Thai restaurant on the western end of Bleecker is being plywooded as we speak. What do you think is coming?
A: Another Marc Jacobs
B: Another Ralph Lauren
C: A bank
D: Who gives a fuck--Bleecker is dead

Where have all the Crusties gone? “It’s like the birds aren’t migrating this year; the salmon aren’t swimming upstream,” said Chris Flash. “The whole ecology of the neighborhood is out of whack.” [NYT]

Crusties talk to Grieve about the NYPD crackdown. [EVG]

Following up on the chess table arrest. [NMNL]

Di Palo's isn't worried about the big bad Eataly. [Grub]

Rally for rent reform tonight. [Gothamist]

What will New York look like in 2040? [Curbed]

What would you do if you ruled NYC? [Restless]

Check out unpublished photos of Bettie Page by WeeGee. [VS]

On the history of the Umbrella House. [GVSHP]

A KAWS sculpture appears on The Standard Hotel's doorstep. Shame-faced, the Mickey Mouse death's head sees no evil.


Laura Goggin Photography said...

If I ruled the city...

Everyone would walk on the right.

Anyone screaming/puking/peeing on my stoop would be sentenced to cleaning the streets on a Sunday morning.

Architectural plans would be put to a vote by the masses.

Money would grow on trees.

Victoria said...

It will be a Marc Jacobs Bank!

Jeremiah Moss said...

definitely everyone on the right!

also, no use of cell phones on the street, and that includes no texting. (that also goes for inside movie theaters, restaurants, etc.)

more bookstores

no double-wide strollers, especially not for just a single child.

James Taylor said...

Ooh, I've been wanting to play this game for ages...

1. The cellphone ban is clearly a number one priority for any half-thinking person. (I usually try and make sure the iPhone zombies bump into me just so I have an excuse to yell at them.)

2. I'd bring back the WALK/DON'T WALK lights. (I don't care where you're from, if you can't figure out those two words you don't deserve to travel.)

3. I'd ban deckchairs/umbrellas from any public place that isn't a park or a beach.

4. I refuse to get into any taxi that isn't a Crown Vic, but if I ruled New York City I'd ban any cab that doesn't look like this:

Grand St. said...

Love the Bank of Jacobs idea.
Unit of currency?

The DoucheMarc.

Melanie said...

Jeremiah--the Chinese Bakery on Clinton Street off Delancy has been closed for 2 days now. There is work going on on the upper floors of the building which houses the Bakery. I would like to know what gives with the Bakery??It's a good place and would hate to think it might be lost. Anyone know????

Anonymous said...

Money growing on trees!!!Yes Goggla--I like that for real.

Anonymous said...

Simple I would enforce pedestrian traffic rules. No more of this mindless, self-entitled walking into traffic. No more of this free for all, do as you please approach. A city this big and supposedly first world needs some focus on regulating foot traffic. Just impose a tiny bit of order and it would probably improve the traffic flow and QOL in the entire city. This includes citing people for failing to walk on the right side and for gathering and blocking sidewalks.

Grand St. said...

I like James ("Steamroller") Taylor's list, to which I'd add:

5. no more Gray Line buses

6. an end to NYU's expansion plans (Hell, I'd make 'em give a few buildings back.)