Thursday, June 23, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Enjoy this lovely painting of the Gordon Novelty Shop--from much better days. [Adolf]

Jogging through Central Park while carrying your $500 iPad--not a good idea. [Gothamist]

What's up with the East Village door-shitter? [EVG]

Trouble on the sidewalk outside Ray's Candy. [NMNL]

From the closing of H&H Bagels: "Barely stifled wails arose from some West Siders, who reacted as if the news marked the end of civilization as we know it." [CR]

One UWS'er protests the closure of H&H Bagels: "We don't want another bank or cell phone outlet here... This is a larger issue. We want big stores out of our neighborhood. ... We’re drawing a line in the sand over H&H. We don’t want banks. We don’t want Wal-Mart. We want neighborhood stores." [Gothamist]

The Smolen Bar & Grill of Brooklyn is gone. [OMFS]

New art on the Houston Wall--a Native American theme. [BB]

Good old (107 years) Carmine's of the Seaport to become part of Five Guys burger chain. [Eater]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

I don't hold anything against Five Guys, but What ever happened with them? Was it a rent thing? If anyone knows the bartender in there from Staten Island, please send him my love as he was the best.

Anyone know what's happening with The Sidewalk on Ave A and 6th St? They closed last Feb and I haven't heard a peep since then. Five More Guys?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Adding to my other comment - "The Fighting Chair" is rather ironic.

Marty Wombacher said...

I love that painting and it sucks about Carmine's big time.

Ennuipoet said...

This just continues my unreasonable hate of Five Guys. When I lived in Washington DC, the Wisconsin Ave dive, Au Pied De Cochon where we wasted many a drunken evening was taken over a by a 5 Guys. The rational part of me knows that 5 Guys (probably) had nothing to do with the bar closing but seeing the booths where we had spent so many strange and drunken hours filled with fat tourist ass kindled a deep seated loathing for 5 Guys. I've never stepped foot in a 5 Guys and never will.

So, now I can check off another institution consumed by this hated chain.