Monday, June 27, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

If the rumors are true, this week is your last chance to drink at Mars Bar:

Another blogger party rages at the Chillmaster's. [MAD]

Two West Chelsea deli owners fight over "High Line" name, including the former Poppy's. Of course, eventually, the High Line will put them both out of business. [DNA]

Developers want to tear down Elaine's. [NYO]

H&H Bagels might still be open--and tonight there's a meeting to protest its closure. [Grub]

Behold the Ekonomakis dream mansion tenement that was once filled with long-time tenants. [EVG]

The Ivy Brown gallery (that great place in the Triangle Building) has a new show up. Check it out. [IBG]

Who goes to Liebman's Kosher Deli? [LC]

Woman with a loud cellphone screams and yells on a bus--caught on cam. [Gothamist]

"In millennial New York, the predicament of LGBT youth is compounded by the twin pressures of rampant gentrification and the ongoing privatization of public space." [DO]

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