Monday, June 20, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The celebrated, brand-new Lawn of the High Line is already closed for restoration. Must be due to all the humping:

How middle-class moms drove the drugs out of Washington Square Park: "By the end of 1987, the crack dealers had been driven from the park. The neighborhood got so nice that eventually we were driven out, too." [NYT]

The final art show at Mars Bar before the condo comes. [EVG]

EV bloggers marvel at a swizzle stick in Mars Bar. [NMNL]

Is fashion in flight from the LES? [BB]

This article will make you crazy: "what happened to our attention spans? Why must we talk, text and tweet in the middle of a movie? And what — if anything — can theaters do to stop this erosion of cinema civility?" [yahoo]

A haunted house in Queens. [SNY]

Williamsburg wall says "Artists go home." [NYS]

"Real estate brokers say that in the last year, they have seen more parents shopping for apartments for their grown children." [NYT]

Enjoy this blog about silent film locations in New York City. [SL]

Check out these 33 1/3 book launch events. [P&W]


Caleo said...

The post about texting and tweeting really highlights the never ending spiral of complete self absorption that most people are sinking into.
I have never owned a cell phone and take it as a point of pride that I NEVER will.
About 10 years ago, when it became obvious that the herd was going to make a collective decision to own a cell phone, I made a choice not to be a part of it.
It was one of the better decisions I've ever made.
The rise of Information Technology and the endless chatter that accompany's it also neatly coincides with the loss of old NYC.
What is so sad and disappointing to me is that people who are old enough to know better can't seem to remember that life was just fine before endless texting and emailing and chatting.
It is all very unnecessary.

JAZ said...

They used to say the most dangerous place to be was between Chuck Schumer and a live camera; I submit that getting in between Marty and a nice Swizzle Stick might be more daunting.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Who are these apartment-shopping parents and how can I get one to adopt me?

Bryan said...

Thanks for plugging the book events, Jeremiah. Much appreciated.

Jeremiah Moss said...

on that texting post, i was amazed how brazen people's attitude was--not just cluelessness, but unabashed "i don't care."

and i want some apartment-giving parents, too.

Marty Wombacher said...

@JAZ: Ha ha ha! I'm not all that dangerous of a fellow, though!

JayV said...

Re: texting at the movies. Apart from Hollywood studios putting out crap films, this is the main reason why I don't go to the movies any more (or even the plays, ballet, music concerts at our local arts theatre). Say what you want about Texas, these people are my heroes:

Jeremiah Moss said...

now they are my heroes, too. thanks, i love it.

esquared™ said...

worst, i guess, is when someone reads from their kindle while watching the movie.

took my nephews and nieces to the HP movie last year and they were teenagers and young adults who were following the movie while reading the book -- looking for discrepancies and whatnot. same goes for when i took a date to see the lovely bones; this time, there were adults who were reading from their kindles while watching the movie.


Jeremiah Moss said...

reading Kindles while watching the movie? no. and you know what? they will need that added to the "please don't" sign at the beginning, because if these people can't figure out that "no cell phones" also means "no texting," they really won't get that Kindles are not allowed either. i guess the sign will also have to mention iPads as well.

Glenwood NYC said...

How can this be closed for renovation?! The High Line just opened! Hopefully renovation doesn't take too long!