Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fedora's Last Days?

The rumor has been going around for the past few months that the Fedora Bar and Restaurant is not long for this world. I went in for a drink the other night, hoping it would not be my last at that worn wooden bar. In the mysteriously aquatic rosy light, over the strains of Elmer Bernstein music from the radio, I overheard the following melancholy conversation taking place between a couple of Fedora's old-time regulars.

Man 1: I'll see you here again, I guess, until this place is gone.

Man 2: That might be very soon.

Man 1: I've been hearing that for three months now. Is it really serious this time?

Man 2: It's very serious this time, I'm afraid. Fedora can't keep doing it. You think we could do it at that age?

Man 1: It's so hard to lose the things you love.

Man 2: And we're all heading in the same direction.

Man 1: We sure are.

Man 2: Oh, I've seen better days, I'm afraid. Much, much better days.

I also heard some more sensitive information that would be indiscreet to share here, but suffice to say: If you love Fedora, go as soon as you're able.


Bowery Boogie said...

that's really sad.

Mark said...

Fedora is one of the very last of it's type...a West Village restaurant primarily catering to gay men, now well past a certain age. At one time, there were several: One Potato, Duff's, Trilogy, Mary's, Clyde's, Casa di Pre, Sazerac House, so all gone.

I've spent many evenings at Fedora, and I always return...if only to greet the Lady herself, and to have my beard petted, as she is wont to do!

BrooksNYC said...

When I stopped in last summer, Fedora made her usual entrance to applause, but she was very frail. Incredible that she's soldiered on for as many years as she has. Bless her.

Will drop by soon. Thanks for the heads-up.

villagegal said...

What's the sensitive information you heard? Did you ever think that you could find out what's going on just by making a phone call?

Carmine said...

Anchronistic . . . of course! But will be sorely missed. Cozy, colorful, lousy food (for the most part, anyhow) and wonderful. One of the few places left that characterizes the West Village of years ago and it's sad. Wish it would stay forever. It speaks of a world that does NOT exist anymore and a simplicity and lower expectation that we could all stand to experience these days.

Grand St. said...

Passed by this morning and there was a CB2 Notice of Public Hearing taped to the front door, regarding 'Little Wisco, LLC''s application for a liquor license.

FWIW, the hearing's tonight at NYU's Silver Bldg.