Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10th St. Scribbler

Following up on the evolving graffiti wall of 10th Street, which is allowed to unfold more organically than another "graffiti" wall I can think of, the Paranoid Scribbler, as I have come to fondly think of him (or her, though I rather doubt it), has responded to Bloomberg's war on cigarette smoking.

The Scribbler tells us to boycott every place you cannot smoke, including movie theaters, where smoking has been illegal since the 1960s.

A small question mark after "politbureu" indicates some concern about his spelling, especially after other graffitists have corrected him. Spelling is not the Scribbler's strong suit. He tells us we should also boycott Medea, that vengeful Greek who killed her own children.

And now the Scribbler has competition. A conspiracy theorist with access to a computer and printer has one-upped the magic-marker makings of the Scribbler with illustrated flyers about the BP oil spill and the war on drugs--both of which, the flyer-maker claims, are canards.

The Scribbler agrees on the oil spill point, but has yet to weigh in about the war on drugs.


hoolsa said...

I want to meet this person. I want to know if (s)he uses a Sharpie or a generic brand, as Sharpie maybe be too much of a corporate entity to support! They advertise on TV, you know!

EV Grieve said...

@Hoolsa Ha! True.

I await the Scribbler's take on the war on drugs. Prhaps the Scribbler can start a blog? Don't they have new handwriting fonts now?

Bowery Boogie said...

the organic discussion board format is great. kinda like a bathroom wall.

Bryan said...

The Scribbler strikes me as a less poetic -- but no less charming -- Jim Joe. Jim Joe is kind of my favorite right now.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it means boycott "Madea" as in "Madea Goes to Jail" - because you can't smoke in the movies - though boycotting the Medea is certainly a more intriguing concept. - BN

Anonymous said...

Love this