Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

See The Outer Boroughs on Film at Anthology. [VV]

Can you really fry an egg on the sidewalk in this heat? [CR]

More hot days in the city's history. [BBs]

Crusties spotted in Greenpoint. [NYS]

The "infinitesimal mouths" of the city continue nibbling on Fairey's Houston mural. [EVG]

Leshko's before it turned into that rowdy joint on 7th and A:

photo: Michael Sean Edwards, VNY flickr pool

Murkety "Pure Dark," really a Mars, Inc. candy store in fancy disguise, shutters on Bleecker. [NYCB]

Eavesdropping in the city's ladies rooms. [NYO]

Always nice to spot mysterious winged wheels. [GVDP]

Brion Gysin retrospective opens at New Museum. [TLD]

Trying to make sense of the Lush Life Show: "LUSH LIFE will be the present for what will become a living ghost to the future form into which the LES will inevitably morph." [P&W]


Melanie said...

I liked Leshko's--liked the $1.99 breakfast special and liked sitting in a booth in the front

Bryan said...

I agree. That sentence from the Lush Life press release was indecipherable!

I still think the show is a cool idea, though, & look fwd to seeing the opening tomorrow.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The lady who helped cook the egg on the sidewalk deserves her own show. What a riot.

Jeremiah Moss said...

bryan, it does sound like a cool idea, but my mind is boggled. i wish i understood it. maybe i need to read it again.