Friday, July 2, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Return to the Golden Age of Gay and "a day in the life of a typical gay man in 1975... He gets up at noon, goes to the movies, goes to happy hour at a hustler bar, heads to the Meatpacking District." And he's not going there for brunch as Pastis. [NYP]

See the documentary Seltzer Works, about the Gomberg seltzer factory.

Hollister still shuttered for bed bugs. They don't know when they will reopen. Meanwhile, tourists from Tampa are grossed out. [NYDN]

"we can take comfort in the fact that most of the folks who shop at Hollister are probably more deserving of a bedbug infestation than most." [NYP]

Good advice from a sign at Coney Island:

New Provincetown Playhouse gets a sign. [BB]

Norman Mailer for mayor. [RS]

Astoria's stinky smell is being treated with perfume. [Gothamist]

Also in Astoria, the murder of a piano. [QC]


BrooksNYC said...

What a bunch of killjoys you lot turned out to be. I want the Nighthawks site to be Mulry Square, and your mythbusting is bumming me out.

Long as I'm on a tear, let me say this about the "Golden Age of Gay": Things were certainly hopping, but I never met a gay man who didn't work for a living. If there were men leading chaise-longue-to-hustler-bar lives in 1975, they weren't "typical." Not then, not now.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

He went to the Meatpacking as Stephan Pastis of Pearls before Swine fame?