Friday, July 9, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Good news, despite the the dire warnings--the unsinkable Fedora has been spotted behind her bar, smile on her face. But, really, you should still go soon. [365]

Looks like the little elves are back to repair (or at least hide) the extensive damage to Fairey's wall, this after one little hole turned into near total destruction:

luluinnyc's flickr

Welcome to the Stanton Tailor shop. [CR]

Visit Forbidden Planet--in 1986. [FP]

Screaming cell-heads! Fistfights! The EV Noise Wars continue... [EVG]

7/15: See Forgotten NY's photos of lost lampposts at the City Reliquary. And check out his slideshow with illustrations by Matteo Pericoli. [NYT]

A review of James Franco's art show: "is he an actor or an artist? a serious polymath or a dabbling buffoon? a straight trickster or a gay performer?" [HP]

Something called "Meatopia" is handing out free BBQ'd meat on Governor's Island. Correction: Free to get in, but no free meats for you! [GI]

The ruined rooftop of 240 E. Houston, after the fire. [BB]

Stabbing rampage in the Meatpacking District. [Gothamist]


Stephanie said...

Not quite true about Meatopia. It's free to get in (and hang out and listen to the bands), but if you want to eat you have to purchase "tasting tickets".

Jeremiah Moss said...

sorry, didn't read it right. no free meats!